AMRINSAHI speaks of personalisation where we tend to incorporate different kinds of embroideries, fabrics and designs to bring out something unique yet versatile. The entire idea is to curate minimalistic and exquisite Designer wear which is handcrafted in good quality fabrication and not over-the-top expensive but cost-efficient to the consumers.

AMRINSAHI is an indulgence in itself, rejuvenating the culture of India which has its unique fragrance and charm. It is a passion where we put our thoughts & ideas on paper, love how these embroideries speak to us, and to be able to experiment with designs and try new techniques fascinates us to a different level.

We aspire to focus on capsule collections with limited yet extraordinary work rather than mass productions which somehow puts down the personal touch. With the sole aim of authenticity, we aspire that every outfit should speak a different story and have its timeless charm which can exude a universal appeal with unmatched élan.